Are you planning to give gifts to your employees and clients this holiday season? In this episode of Entrepreneur Money Stories, Danielle Hayden dives into the details of gift giving and taxes, such as what gifts are allowed, gift price ranges, and tax deductions. Listen in to learn how to give amazing and meaningful gifts without getting into any tax trouble.

Topics Discussed: 

Intro (0:00)

IRS rules on non-taxable employee gifts and cash (0:59)

Framework Step 1: Determine why you are giving a gift (3:19)

Framework Step 2: Who are you giving the gifts to? (04:21)

Framework Step 3: What is the perceived value of the gift? (4:30)

Framework Step 4: Determine the actual value of the gift and specific action steps for gift giving (5:06) 

IRS rules: Tax rolls and payroll options for gifts (5:13)

Money Mindset Personality Type (10:12)

Gift tax rules for contractors, clients, and tips reporting (10:23)

Solid bookkeeping and owner’s draw (14:23)

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