Do you do your own bookkeeping? Are you ready for this year’s tax season? In this episode, Aubrey, Kickstart Accounting Onboarding Specialist, joins Danielle to talk about some DIY bookkeeping horror stories, answer frequently asked questions from business owners who do their own bookkeeping, and discuss how to be ready for this tax season. Tune in to learn everything a business owner needs to know about bookkeeping!


Topics Discussed: 

Intro (0:00)

Bookkeeping (1:06)

Discovery Calls: Bookkeeping Dilemmas Unpacked (2:05)

Understanding Bookkeeping (2:58)

QuickBooks Automation Can Lead to Chaos (03:45)

Lead Your Business and Leave Bookkeeping to Experts (5:22)

Messy Records Reveal Missed Tax Savings (7:00)

DIY Bookkeeping Pitfalls: Shift to Strategic Thinking (9:02)

Mindset Mastery Framework (12:57)

Outsource Bookkeeping for Growth and Accountability Simplified (13:58)

Value the Snapshot for Accuracy (18:22)

Embrace CEO mindset (19:11)

Bookkeeping Horror Story and CPA defined (20:06)

Client’s Business Turned From Pumpkin to Beautiful Carriage (23:11)

Report Card Effect (24:16)

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