As an entrepreneur, it’s important to keep your money mindset strong during times of change. In this episode, Josh Hall, Web Design Business Educator and Founder of web design agency In Transit Studios, joins Danielle to talk about his money mindset journey and how to keep your mindset strong during transition periods, especially when things are not going well in your personal life, so it doesn’t affect your business. Listen in to learn how to transform your business and life!


Topics Discussed: 

Intro (0:00)

Josh Hall Mission: Empowering Web Designers for Success (2:07)

Why Josh Sold his Agency? (2:55)

Choosing Courses Over Coaching and Mastermind (6:24)

How Josh Built Momentum with the Significant First Launch? (7:37)

Transitioning Mindset from Recurring Revenue to Courses (10:00)

Why Josh Opt for Courses Over Memberships Initially? (12:06)

Josh Shares Insights on His Money Mindset Amid Changes (14:22)

Josh’s Advice to Year One self: Value Yourself (16:40)

Money Mindset Mastery Framework (21:07)

Money Mindset Amid Business Pivots (22:10)

Discovered Need through Three C’s: Coaching, Community, and Course (24:04)

Returning to Normal: Perception vs. Reality in Economics (26:21)

Josh’s Shares his Trigger for Action (28:29)

Ask Yourself: What’s Working and What’s Not (29:02)

Money Mindset Lesson: Analyzing Expenses and Spending Patterns (31:22)

Maintain Consistency Through Challenging Times (38:09)

Business Comfort Assessment (41:36)

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