Welcome to another enlightening episode of Entrepreneur Money Stories! In today’s episode, we delve into a powerful technique that can transform your money mindset and overall outlook on life – the High Five Habit. Our guest, Danielle, a devoted follower of Mel Robbins’ pioneering work, introduces us to this innovative practice and explores how it can rewire and reframe our approach to money.


What Does a High Five Mean to You?


Think back to that impactful high five you received. Imagine the emotions coursing through you, the context of the moment, and the person behind that uplifting gesture. Danielle takes us on a journey through her own experience, where a high five during a grueling Spartan race shifted the course of her race, metaphorically and literally.


What is the High FIve Habit?


At the heart of the High Five Habit is the concept of starting your day with a mirror-side high five. Originating from Mel Robbins’ personal experience of combating negative self-talk during a rushed morning, this simple practice triggers the release of dopamine in the brain, providing a much-needed boost. Scientists have also revealed that the act of raising your arm creates additional energy, highlighting the significance of seemingly small actions in shaping our days.


Why Does It Work?


But why does the high five work wonders in dispelling negativity and ushering positivity? Just as we internalize negative self-talk through experiences, the habit of celebrating ourselves through high fives can also be etched into our subconscious. This transformation is facilitated by linking the practice with new neural pathways, interrupting the cycle of self-doubt and welcoming fresh energy. If you find yourself resisting this notion, it could be a sign that you’re not accustomed to celebrating your own accomplishments. By extending a high five to yourself, you’re declaring “I see you” and “I hear you,” momentarily halting the tide of negativity and embracing a newfound vitality.


How to Use the High Five Habit


Mel recommends incorporating this habit into your daily morning routine. As you set intentions for the day and envision your future self, choose a trigger like brushing your teeth or sipping your morning coffee. Lift your arm, give yourself a high five in the mirror, and if you’re a fan of mantras and affirmations, this is a perfect moment to recite them. 


Recognizing the challenges business owners face as their harshest critics, Danielle highlights how this practice can be a catalyst for self-celebration. The inner turmoil of being an entrepreneur can be met head-on with the high five habits, celebrating achievements and milestones along the way. This practice isn’t confined to personal triumphs; it can be harnessed to confront financial insecurities too. Whether it’s looking at your financial reports or engaging with your money team, incorporating high fives amplifies your self-affirmation and rewires negative thought patterns.


In conclusion, the High Five Habit offers a simple yet transformative approach to shifting our money mindset and daily outlook. With the guidance of our insightful guest Danielle, we’ve explored how the act of celebrating ourselves through high fives can override ingrained negativity, setting us on a path of self-discovery, positivity, and achievement. So join us on this episode of Entrepreneur Money Stories as we uncover the power of the high five and its profound impact on our relationship with money and self-worth.


Key Points 

[01:44] What does a high five mean to you?

[05:20] What is the high five habit?

[08:55] Why does this work?

[13:18] How to use the high five habit


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