In this episode, we’re joined by the talented Shelli Warren, a seasoned expert in helping service-based business owners cultivate exceptional leadership teams. Shelli’s deep-rooted connection with Danielle is evident as they share a mutual commitment to empowering female entrepreneurs. Their insightful conversation delves into the challenges and rewards of forming a robust leadership team in the world of business.


Things to Keep In Mind as a Leader 


Entrepreneurship often springs from a passion for one’s craft, but the broader aspects of running a business require acquired skills. Shelli reassures us that it’s absolutely normal not to adore every facet of being a business owner – a sentiment many can relate to. Acknowledging that you can’t excel in all domains is crucial. Just as it’s acceptable to seek financial advice, it’s perfectly fine to seek help in the realm of team leadership.


Shelli emphasizes that the pursuit of perfection in every role is an unrealistic expectation. Instead, the focus should be on building a leadership team that complements your strengths. Drawing parallels to the corporate world, she highlights that in service-based businesses, a leadership team comprises dedicated individuals who align with the mission and vision. These professionals are skilled in their anchor areas, forming a cohesive unit that drives growth.


Creating a Leadership Team 


The journey to creating such a team starts with recognizing potential leaders within your existing ranks. Shelli advises to identify those who think like business owners, exhibit core values, and uphold high standards. Transparent communication is paramount: openly express your intent to develop leadership roles within the company. This not only fosters internal growth but also sets the stage for a smoother transition if external hires become necessary.


Building Your Culture 


When conversations with potential leaders fall short, maintaining transparency is key. While it can be disheartening, the team should understand that changes are vital for progress. Shelli stresses that leadership transformation begins with the founder’s vision for the team experience. Reflecting on personal team experiences helps define desired workplace dynamics, which should be communicated openly. Recognizing and commending behaviors that embody core values further nurtures a positive atmosphere.


The Tough Conversations 


Tackling challenging conversations requires clear intention. Shelli advises a focused approach, highlighting the desired outcome and encouraging the individual to actively resolve issues. Avoid overwhelming the recipient by addressing incidents individually, offering constructive feedback that paves the way for improvement.


Why Do I Want a Leadership Team?


The significance of a leadership team’s role in business expansion is undeniable. Shelli explains that this team acts as a bridge between the founder and the extended team, managing day-to-day operations and reporting back. As the founder concentrates on high-value tasks, a sense of self-sufficiency grows within the leadership team. This cascades into a culture where direct leaders guide their teams, leading to quality interactions and fewer interruptions for the founder.


In conclusion, Shelli Warren’s insights illuminate the path to creating a leadership team that complements your strengths, propelling your business to new heights. By embracing the idea that you can’t excel in every aspect and fostering transparent communication, you empower your team to take ownership and drive success. Tune in to discover how to cultivate a leadership team that propels your business growth while allowing you to focus on your core passions.


Key Points

[03:56] Things to keep in mind as a leader 

[07:09] Creating a leadership team 

[21:25] Building your culture  

[28:40] The tough conversations 

[32:53] Why do I want a leadership team?


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