In this episode of Entrepreneur Money Stories, Danielle and Lindsay delve into community-driven business growth, partnerships, starting and growing a business without funding, and Lindsay’s journey of selling her business. Discover insights on organic marketing, business development, challenges, key lessons, and cost-effective marketing strategies.


Topics Discussed: 

Intro (0:00)

Lindsay’s current mission and focus (2:47)

Lindsay as an “accidental” entrepreneur and how to grow your business with no funding (4:04)

Balancing full-time work and building a business (6:48)

Attracting brand partnerships: luck or skill? (10:23)

Money Mindset Mastery Framework (20:50)

The journey of selling your company: navigating due diligence inquiries (21:51)

Leaving your business behind and pivoting to a new business (28:46)

Lindsay’s most important lesson learned and strategies for success (37:00)

Connect with us for help (45:20)

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