Paying yourself as a business owner can be tricky; it can be difficult to know which approach to take and what would work best for your specific situation. In this episode of Entrepreneur Money Stories, Danielle shares three methods you can use to manage your personal income from the business and keep your finances in order. Listen in and find the right method for you.

Topics Discussed: 

Intro (0:00)

Understanding S Corps: Their Pros and Cons, Episode 115 (01:26)

Lisa’s S Corp journey in Episode 117: Dream Home Achieved (2:09)

Avoid using your business account as a personal piggy bank. (4:50)

Cindy’s eCom Store and her financial wake-up call: separating business and personal (05:42)

Money Personality Type Quiz (08:05)

Method 1: Percent of Revenue Approach (09:38)

Method 2: Profit Distribution (12:26)

Method 3: Personal Budget (15:35)


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